Introducing Misunderstood Pigs

by Gordon. 6 Comments

Miunderstood Pigs Gameplay

Today I am launching Misunderstood Pigs (iTunes Link). The gameplay is simple: place objects to save the pigs from an impending onslaught of projectiles.

I had been sitting on this game at 90% completion for at least 5 months, and decided to bite the bullet and spend a few days finishing the last 10%.

The game shares a lot of code from my previous release, Word Topple, including a level editor/framework which is tightly integrated with Adobe Fireworks (which I am debating open sourcing).


  • Jake Harvey

    Absolutely perfect title.

  • Gobrah

    Awesome. Will there be any non-ios means of playing it?

  • Adnan Siddiqi


    Would you like to share your tool stack you used?

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  • PigTom

    This is a cool idea and well executed. Works great on my iPad but on my father in laws he has 3 stars on level 3 but cannot open level 4. Just doesnt respond to the click. Any ideas?

  • Dan

    I like the idea, can’t get past level 1 without it crashing. Looking forward to an update to fix the crashing issues….