Here is a mostly up to date compilation of the projects I have worked on over the years. These are all projects that are my creations, either in their entirety or that I have been a co-founder of. I have also worked on a variety of projects for other companies, but they are not worth mentioning here. It is also possible to find things I forgot to mention on my GitHub profile.

Current Startup

It goes without saying that I am working on a startup at any given point in time.


I am one of four co-founders of GroupTalent. GroupTalent is a marketplace for top developers to connect with high-paying projects. As a developer, I have always been a fan of project based work, but there has never been a reliable way to acquire it. Read about us on TechCrunch and Mashable.

Mobile Apps

Misunderstood Pigs

Misunderstood Pigs is an iOS game that I created out of frustration with other games. I have always been a pig sympathizer. Birds are primordial creatures with extremely limited brain power. The gameplay is simple: place objects to save the pigs from an impending onslaught of projectiles.

Word Topple

I have always been a fan of word games. I have also been a fan of physics based gameplay. Thus, I created Word Topple, which is an iOS game that fuses the two. If you thought words couldn’t do any damage, you’ve never played Word Topple. Topple all sorts of interesting buildings and structures by forming words.


BeWorded is my first and most lucrative mobile game. It is available for both iOS and Android. The ultimate word game mashup! Contains gameplay elements similar to Boggle, Scrabble and Bejeweled. Swipe over adjacent letters to form words. Form words with starred letters to advance levels.

Natural Silences

Natural Silences is the only phone app that allows you to listen to natural silences collected from some of the Earth’s most pristine wild places. Based on audio collected by The Sound Tracker (my dad). Also available on Android.

Storm Scapes

Storm Scapes is very similar to natural silences except it exclusively focuses on storm soundscapes. Also available on Android.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder is a vocabulary builder for Android. The gameplay is simple: match words with definitions and vice versa. It has multiple skill levels, tracks your progress, and has a built-in dictionary. Click here for the toughest and easiest vocabulary words based on the data from this game.

Color ID

Color ID is an Android app that uses augmented reality to show the exact color your phone’s camera is pointed at. It was originally created to settle a friendly dispute over what color something was.